Desire (2) * Entoku-in, Kyoto Expand

Desire (2) * Entoku-in, Kyoto



Entoku-in Entoku-in

Omamori DESIRE of the Entoku-in temple of Kyoto

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Omamori DESIRE of the Entoku-in temple of Kyoto


Entoku-in was built by Nene, who was known as Kitano Mandokoro (wife of Toyotomi Hideyoshi) to mourn for her husband’s death in 1605. She spent her last years here.

It is a sub-temple of Kodai-ji Temple, and has some of Fushimi Castle. It has been known to have elegance gardens.

The North Garden is a garden of Momoyama period, has been designated a national scenic spot.

Beautiful, Zen style illumination shows are held in Entoku-in's garden in the cherry blossom and autumn leaves season. Many people come here at night.

It has the sliding door, which was drawn by Hasegawa Tohaku. He was a most famous painter in Japan 400 years ago. It remains as important cultural properties.

Entoku-in is not only beautiful, it's wonderful historic temple.