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Jishu-jinja Shrine is the oldest shrine in Kyoto for gods of love and relationships. These gods have been centres of belief since ancient times. Today the shrine attracts visitors not just from Japan, but from all around the world and is especially popular with those seeking fulfilment through new or renewed relationships.

Jishu-jinja Shrine's history is older than the formation of Japan itself, and has its roots in an era about which little is known. The inner shrine, and the smaller shrines within the site are each dedicated to gods from Japan's early shinto religion.

The richly coloured inner shrine is made in the architectural style of the Nara period (around 1300 years ago), and is a shrine to the god Okuninushi-no-mikoto. The current buildings of the shrine were reconstructed by the Shogun lemitsu Tokugawa in 1633. The inner shrine, together with the outer shrine, and the main gate to the shrine are designated World Heritage Sites, and nationally defined Important Cultural Properties.


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