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Tako-yakushi-dō is a tiny temple located in Nishi-Kyogoku shopping arcade in the heart of Kyoto. Situated in such a lively area, it receives a lot of visitors from all over the world. Some of the visitors, though, have specific purposes to visit this temple. The temple is renowned for its curative power, and those who are sick or have health concerns visit there wishing for getting well.

Originally, a wealthy person called “Rinshu” worshiped “Yakushi-Nyorai” (a Buddha of Healing) enshrined in the main hall of Enryakuji Temple in Mt. Hiei and paid a visit every month all the way from city of Kyoto. But it became harder and harder for Rinshu to walk up to the mountain as he became older, and he was wondering how to keep worshiping Yakushi-Nyorai without having to visit Enryakuji Temple. One day, he had a dream in that Yakushi-Nyorai appeared and told him a clone of Yakushi-Nyorai is buried in the mountain and urged him to dig it out. He did so and found the clone, a stone statue. He took it back home, and founded a small temple called “Eifukuji” near where he lived and enshrined it in his temple. That was in the year of 1181. Soon after, the temple became popular among the people in town because of the spiritual power to cure all kinds of illness.


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