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Ryozen-kannon was built at Rakuto, higashiyama in Kyoto, the foot of a mountain where are always full of nature through all seasons. The appearance of the benevolent and beautiful Kannon was designed by the late Mr. Chooun Yamazaki to represent the image of "Byakue-Kannon".

In Buddhism, a cosmic energy which exists on heaven and earth that gives life and existence for all living beings on the planet is called "Nyoi-Houju (Cintamani)" and it takes spherical shape which represents the image of an absolutely perfect being.

The precinct yard of Ryozen-kannon was known as the place of peace and good luck. It is the sacred place where the hidden treasure of Esoteric buddhism called "Nousashou-Nyoi-Houju" was buried in Heian Era.


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