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Seigan-ji Temple is located in the middle of the bustling Shinkyogoku Shopping Street, in Kyoto. This is the headquarters of the Nishiyama Fukakusa School of the Jodo sect of Buddhism and was founded in the Asuka period (6-8th century). During its long history, many important Buddhist priests chose this temple as their holy place for training and attaining enlightenment. Many local people also worshipped at this temple, as it is located in the middle of the city.  Some of them were noteworthy female court officers and literati such as Sei Shonagon, Izumi Shikibu and Matsunomaruden. As a result, women particularly worship at the temple.  Every year, on one of the Sundays in October, a special ceremony is held which is dedicated to the high-ranked Buddhist priest, Sakuden, regarded as the founder of rakugo (traditional Japanese comical storytelling). Seigan-ji Temple is also highly cherished by many people as the deity of performing arts. ®


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