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Located in northwest Kyoto, Hirano Shrine (平野神社 Hirano-jinja) was established in the year 794 when the capital was transferred to Heian-kyo (the ancient name for Kyoto) from Nagaoka-kyo.

The shrine has long enjoyed a relationship with Japan's Imperial Household and royal family.

The shrine however is more famous today for its lovely cherry trees.

Hirano has held a cherry blossom festival every year since 985. The first of these festivals was held during the reign of Emperor Kazan.

The actual festival - as opposed to the informal crowds that gather - begins in the morning with a ceremony at the mausoleum of Emperor Kazan. Then, in the afternoon, a procession moves from the shrine through the neighboring area and then back. The festival is held on the second Sunday in April.

Old Imperial ceremony codes "Konin shiki" and "Engi shiki", the established of Heian period, the Hirano shrine was selected high class of 22 Imperial Palace guardian shrines.

In the Heian period (1467-1477) wasted the Hirano shrine. But the shrine was rebuilted in 1628 by Heishi clan noble Nishinotoin Tokiyoshi. In1871, the Emperor Meiji ordered the Hirano shrine to the "Kanpei Taisha" (Big shrine holder by the Imperial Japan).


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